Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More bonus (don't know what I am doing)

Chocolate chip peanut butter oat bars, MMMmmmmm


The Proud Chicks Mom said...

Wow...I always knew Chris looked like Dad, but these pictures are uncanny! Congratulations on making it through the painting...the move...and the graduation! We are so happy for you two. It sounds like Kyle is going to be closer to you than us. Send me your new phone and address...you know the email. Love, Cindra

Emily and Kyle said...

Hey, finally some more pictures! I love your bonus blog! Congrats to Chris. We are bad friends...I have been meaning to send a congrats card to him and belated presents for the kids for awhile...but I'm sure you understand:) I am already "done" being prego and I still have 4 more months. I just miss my motivation to do anything productive!
Ya, never ever paint a place you rent. That is my motto and I stick with it! I need your new addy and phone number too...since I think we really should be better at the whole phone thing. I need more friends than just my blog. Great hair Ammon, but I think I would stick with just one color. And Brighton, you are just a beautiful little girl! Too bad you don't know me anymore, I would love to snuggle with those smiles!

Liz Smith said...

umm...excuse me, but when did ammon get big??????????? i still remember him crawling in the cart in the kitchen at church...one minute he'd be playing with play doh, the next minute i'd be pulling him out of the cart...lol...good times! :)

Jessi said...

you know, it would be so much easier for you to make those bars and mail them to me........just saying. :)