Friday, February 19, 2010

What is with the naked? AFViolence?My exciting nightlife

(1)Someday I may regret putting this out there publicly but I am a concerned parent! Let me start by saying the only time we primetime tv is once the kids are in bed. For some reason Brighton is into this naked thing. She wants to have sleeveless shirts so she takes it off half way or somedays all the way saying she is hot. It is winter in Wisconsin!! There is no heat! Besides her creditbilility is lost when she runs under the covers after about 30 seconds. WHY? Why does a 4 yr old do this? Is the occaisional Wizards of Waverly Place or ICarly teaching my young daughter how to be a hoochie? She doesn't get it from her mama.(I reserve my tube top wearing for state fairs only.) Fill me in if you have any ideas fellow mothers!
(2) Who knew America's Funniest Home Videos prime audience was 4-6 yr olds? My kids love this show. I guess I was too old to appreciate it. Brings me to another dilema. Is this show desensitizing my children to violence. Often I watch with them, and very often a "ohhh" or "uhhh" or "owww" comes out of my mouth. They tell me it ruins the show for them. They don't want to think of the pain of running into a glass window or getting smacked in the head with some kind of fast pitch , etc, etc, etc. How can you not think of that? That show is mainly violence. And obviously the easiest $10,000 some people have ever made.
(3) Pregnancy dreams. Ahhhh. Must have to do with getting up to go pee every couple hours. I tell ya though, waking life mundane, nightlife in my dreams EXCITING! Could explain the occaisional 12 hr slumber. That or the Wisconsin winter. Anyhow, fun to blog my dream journal. Much better than telling you about the incredible heaping laundry pile/national monument in my bedroom. (All clean, mind you. I went on a laundry bender a few weeks ago and stuck everything I could find in the washer.-Love the smell of Era and a laundry sheet when nothing else seems clean.-However could not keep up with the folding that had to be done after.2 weeks later realizing I MAY have to find an iron.)Back to the fun part, the DREAMS! I can't catch you up on all of them but this week we had one featuring that curly haired teacher on GLEE. Can I just say I hated this show when it started. I didn't get it. It seemed like the kids were from the 50's living in modern times or something. And that dumb kid that thought his indiscretion of sitting in a hot tub got a girl pregnant made me mad every week. I would like to give the teenagers of the world more credit. Sure, I know this kid exists somewhere. I digress. I was dating the curly haired teacher but was still in high school. It was forbidden love. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't in the glee club or anything, just hanging out with Mr. cantrememberhisname. Not that great. But, LAST NIGHT-I was the personal assistant of George Clooney/Sarah Palin who were running mates for 2012. I was so excited to have this job. Would I vote for this duo? Maybe not. In real life, George and I differ over politics. Nothing we couldn't hammer out if we spent some time at his villa in Italy. But I am not going to let him win me over by charm alone. In the dream I kept thinking when is George taking me on a business lunch. Maybe I was hungry. (too much food network, makes my Kraft Mac N Cheese pale in comparison.) Which brings me to tonight. I am typing this at 4am because my dreams are too exciting. Glad i am back on the blog to get this out. Tonight's dream was just Morgan Freeman driving an old truck through the backyard doing farm work. ZZZZzzzz. I must get back my dreams await...

Thursday, February 18, 2010


You're all right!! I didn't think anyone would even see this anymore. Maybe I will have to post some more. But maybe not today because as the day as gone on I am really crabby!!


I have been wondering how long until I am kicked off blogspot for lack of activity. Those beach pictures bring nice warm memories. I'm still hibernating. In the meantime, I found another fun blog to read. Enjoy this. I will be growing a baby and maybe post again after she is born.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More bonus (don't know what I am doing)
Chocolate chip peanut butter oat bars, MMMmmmmm

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