Monday, September 29, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More bonus (don't know what I am doing)
Chocolate chip peanut butter oat bars, MMMmmmmm

Bonus items

Me, my Mom and my Dad

Ketchup (I know)

Well, it has been a while. I have been sleeping good and blogging less. Naperville was glad to be rid of us, given the amount of people that showed up to ride us out of town! We are SO GRATEFUL for all the help! Eventually, I may even send formal thank yous if I ever find my addresses again. Still got a couple of boxes to unpack. May just wrap them and put them under the tree this year. The painting took forever. I think I really needed some friends to have seriously disuaded me from painting a place we were renting. WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN! Our new home is already painted nicely. Better than I could have done with good colors. Not like Miami got sick like I did the old place. So after we broke free, Chris' Mom came the next week for Chris' graduation. Hooray! Now we are just trying to settle a bit. We love the new place and the new town. Oh, and we had a good time at the fair. I will leave you with some pictures and a recipe.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just put it out there...

You know how Oprah always say you just need to send it into the universe. Your wants, desires, etc. (Obviously, Oprah says it much clearer and you probably could understand better from her.I think it was her episode on "The Secret." Pretend you know what I am talking about.) You just need to send it into the blogosphere. The dumpster fairy came. Several boxes were next to our dumpster all folded up nicely ready for a new job. Also my uncle called and offered us some more boxes. Yay! Now what, world domination, infinite knowledge, paint fairies? Paint fairies for now, world domination next week? Nah, too much work.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Next on the agenda...

Dumpster Diving! Tommorrow my Mom is coming up to help pack and I am taking her on a special mission. We have almost everything packed but I am a few boxes I will be taking Mom to some special back alleys of neighborhood businesses. She doesn't know this. She would be so embarassed. Good thing she hasn't figured out how to look at this blog yet. I think if I were to get caught my story is more believable if I have mother and young children in the car. On my own, it appears as though I would be looking for a free meal or other treasures. If you see me out, I would look the other way. My fondest diving memories, (oh yes, I have done this before), were working at the airport and my friend Marie who is quite tall could actually jump in the dumpster,(I know she loves I share this), and fish out Michael's 40% off coupons for us.(When she shared.) What a pal! If I got in there I wouldn't be able to get out. I would just be a ball of newspaper modge podged with the stickiness associated with Cinnabun. So, needless to say, I hope those boxes are on top. What is the phrase I am looking can take the trash out of the girl but not the girl out of the trash???

Yours truely,

Diva Diver

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I just wanted to take a little time to thank my two biggest readers-Jessi and Emily. And Madeline (Happy Birthday), Janet, Sharon, Marilee, Cindra. Bloggin' ain't easy you know. I now realize how those comments are the life blood of the blog. Otherwise, I am just sharing my dull musings in a public forum for others to mock. Or bloggin and not sharing because no one is reading! Isn't that a sad thought? I will try to be a better commenter myself.

And in other news, we had our last Sunday in our current ward today. I feel bad there were so many people I didn't say goodbye to but I like to avoid those goodbyes. I wasn't thinking there would be waterworks but there were a few moments when I felt a slow leak coming on. I didn't think that would happen so I didn't wear any special mascara and I am sure if I started saying goodbye I would have looked like Tammy Faye Baker in no time. And that isn't the church I belong to. About six days until the big move. This blog has been a wonderful distraction. I don't know that I will be adding as much when I don't have things to avoid. Maybe if you are reading this now you should think about looking into other blogs. Maybe one of those ones that teaches you stuff like knitting or building birdhouses. Or maybe a celebrity blog that has the latest hair tips and stories of wild adventres. Perhaps something a little more inspirational. You start looking and I will keep not packing.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Have you ever seen...

that episode of the King of Queens where Doug gets a call from a woman named Jessica who is looking for a Doug Heffernan but it is not him but she leaves intriguing messages? One day he answers and tries to tell her that he is not the guy she is looking for but she thinks he is trying to break up with her and then Carrie is there and asks who it is and he panicks and says it is his Mom so then Carrie needs to talk to her but Doug has to hang up and tell the woman he loves her like it IS his Mom. Then she calls again and Doug tries to tell her again but has to break up with her since she doesn't get it. He continues to hide it all from Carrie until she calls when they are both home and he tries to convince her it is not as it sounds. She believes him right away because of the kind of fanfare the message has in it. Well, you should see this episode, it is very funny. I will not ruin the end for you.

Ahhh, the sweet release the television provides. That is much more interesting than anything I could post about in my own life right now.

Still learning apparently

Here I am up in the middle of the night again so I thought I would try posting some photos. Don't laugh (or do) laugh at my lack of skillz (and spelling). So anyway, if this works this is Brighton at my aunt and uncle's house in Michigan with their dog "Nutmeg." Or as Ammon likes to call him "Nuthead." Brighton is one of those kids who loves animals more than most people. Even now, over a month later if she gets her finger nails painted or is going to the zoo she wants Nutmeg to come too. However, being in nursery at church with other kids still makes her cry. I think if I could get a tiny dog that fits in those tiny purses it could solve all our problems. Allergies Schmallergies.
(P.S. Aunt Janet, have you cleaned the lake yet?)


Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well, hello there! It is 4:50 in the a.m. and I decided to start a blog. About 2:23 a.m. there was a sneak attack from the littles and they took my spot in the bed. So as I lay on the couch (crumbs) trying to go back to the land of Nod I decided to read some email and find a request... A request I keep saying I will meet but I don't. Someone wants to hear these ramblings. (Or wants to shame me publicly.) O.k., it is a weak moment and I am game. Am I supposed to do a giveaway or something for this first post? I have a bunch of cr..stuff that I could get rid of since we are in the process of packing for a move. Let's see...poinsetta stencil, monkey clip from happy meal, Parents magazine circa 1999, a corn on the cob holder thing stolen from Grandma S's (by Ammon)(don't judge me!!), handpainted fish card (sorry Julie, I have to make this special), and a grab bag full of more surprises!! First one to email me there fedex number, winner takes all!!

P.S. Welcome to my blog. Thanks for stopping by.